Another 5 Star Review!

Take a look at my latest review from my Building an Engaging, Interactive course using Moodle 3+.

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Building an Engaging, Interactive course using Moodle 3+


Good start to the course. Presenter is a bit nervous but knowledgeable thus far. Hoping it gets more hands on and contain really useful ideas I can implement into my own training. Interested as to what resources are in place for users with no access to sound or video though as most instruction is presented in this manner. Half way through now. Upgraded from 3.5 rating to 4. Still quite basic at this stage but picking up many pointers. Course completed. It gets the 5 star award for me overall. Some nice advanced pointers towards the end. The course as a whole offers more for absolute beginners to Moodle than experienced users but there’s still plenty for even the most advanced Moodle tutors. Would like to have seen more reference to the use of the VLE to learning theory as it’s mostly focussed around course design and interaction than user experience design and online learning theory. Was going to dock half a star for this reason but then spotted the author plays Football Manager. Legend! 🙂
Valuable information +
Clear explanations +
Engaging delivery +
Helpful practice activities +
Accurate course description +
Knowledgeable instructor +

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