Back to work!

So im now back from my summer holidays and back to work 🙂

I plan to spend the next couple of weeks looking at my exsisting courses – there are 8 ! – and updating them where appropriate.

I have noticed a few new H5P content types, such as twitter, books, 360 photos and branched scenarios – so I think I may start there!

Dont forget:

I have TWO brand new courses, now available – Simple Moodle 3.2 + and Intermediate Moodle 3.2+ on

For my loyal learners, both courses are available for the bargin price of just £9.99!

These two new courses are bulit using moodle 3.6 and have totally new video lessons for a variety of moodle functions and features.

So if you want to learn all about moodle, why not sign up today!?

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