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Hey there everyone!

I have recently had a few rather disappointing reviews of my courses recently.

I work extremely hard on each of my courses, and alot of thought and time goes in to creating them – when you get an unflattering review, its very difficult to understand sometimes, especially when no comments are left !!

I pride myself on listening to learner suggestions and comments about my courses – i want them to be the best they can be – so please feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts.

In order to give my loyal learners a chance to learn other subjects with me (and hopefully leave a review), all my courses on Udemy are now just £10 !

Building an Engaging, Interactive Course using Moodle 3+

Moodle Plugins

Teaching with Technology 1 – Improving your Presentations

Teaching with Technology 2 – Interactive Lessons & Lectures

I am busy writing my next course – Moodle Quizzes at the moment, which should be ready for Early Spring 2018!

Ive decided that Moodle Assignments deserves a more in depth look, and as such, I will probably feature on another Moodle course in the future.

Happy Learning!


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