Homelife + Preview of new course – Moodle Gamification

Due to the coronavirus I am now based at home.

Most of my time is used working for the Institute of Dentistry at QMUL, managing the online undergraduate and postgraduate lectures and seminars within the online context – so things like interactive lessons, prerecorded lectures, live online classrooms and various student and staff communication tools, all whilst supporting our amazing staff and students.

However, I also have more time to dedicate to my online courses – with 2 in development !

The first, is called Moodle Gamification, which looks at gamifcation tools and ideas to gamify your moodle courses.

The second course, will show learners how to setup a fully gamified course using moodle, and will take a different direction from my previous courses, as it each lesson will build on the last, showing you exactly how to make a space based gamified Moodle course.

As a taster, here is a preview of my upcoming course – Moodle Gamification !!

This lesson looks at the Level Up! plugin and shows how to configure the plugin on a Moodle course page.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA9c4C1jaVI]

Keep safe and look after each other during these difficult times!


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