NEW CONTENT ADDED to Build an Engaging… Course – Learning Activities !!


This morning I have added 7 new learning activities to the Building an Engaging, Interactive course using Moodle 3 course. These new learning activities are designed so that you can practice all the things you are taught during the course.

One learning activity has been added to each section, and if you complete all the activities, using your MoodleCloud account (which you should have created already!), another exemplar course is built…. by you!.

I hope that these videos will provide a bit more interactivity within my own Udemy course – I highly recommend trying some of the learning activities – they will enhance your own learning experience, and get you used to creating, editing and designing online Moodle courses!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions on the new learning activities.

A massive thank you to Shruti, a student on the course, who recommended the creation of the learning activities!

Check out the course – and buy it for only £15 !

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