New course and break and whats next !

Hello everyone!

Well it has been a month since I launched my new moodle quizzes course, and so far 9 students have enrolled.  3 reviews have been given so far, with an average of 4.33 (4, 4.5 5), so im pretty pleased with the feedback ive received so far !

I have been extremely busy over the last 3 months at Queen Mary – the start of term is always my busiest time of year, so ive had a little break from doing much else outside of work!

Next up, I need to make some minor changes to my Teaching with Technology 1 course – which looks at PowerPoint and Microsoft Sway – this should take too long.

My very first course (and best selling), Building an engaging, interactive course with Moodle 3+, was created in Moodle 3.1, and the latest moodle version is 3.5.  A fair ammount has changed in the interface of moodle since 3.2, and the installation of the boost theme as standard, some of my lessons look a little out of date.  So I think im going to look at this next, and update the videos accordingly – although 3.6 is released in November – so i may wait for that !  There are a massive 67 lectures so it may take a while.

I have some more ideas for courses in the new year – including a more advanced moodle course – more details to come when ive fully mapped this idea out!


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