New course available !!! – Moodle and Gamification


I am very pleased to announce that my new course – Moodle and Gamification is now available through Udemy.

This course is all about using Moodle tools and plugins to Gamify your Moodle courses.

The course, which contains over 4 hours of brand new content, will cover:

·         Moodle Gamification Tools – Activity Completion, Restrict Access, Course Completion

·         Moodle Quizes and Gamification – Gradebook, User Reports and Moodle Quizzes

·         Level Up Plugin – Level Up Availablty Plugin and the Level Up Enrolment Plugin

·         Stash Plugin – Stash, Stash Enrolment and Stash Availabilty

·         Badges –  install and configure Moodle Badges, Site Badges,  Course Badges and even how to design your own badges!

·         Quizventure Plugin – Space Invaders in Moodle

·         Completion Progress Plugin

·         H5P and Gamification – H5P Interactive Videos, Columns and Course Presentations and how they can be used to gamfiy your course, as well as H5P Quizzes and H5P games.

This course is available at the very special price of £9.99

So if you want to learn a bit more about Moodle and gamification, why not sign up today?

This course is part of my 9 courses on Udemy – why not look at my others too?

Happy Learning!



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