New course available!

My new course, Moodle and H5P is now available through udemy.

This coupon code will let you buy the course for an amazing £9.99!!

This course will show learners how to add interactive content to Moodle courses using the H5P Plugin.

I will begin the course, by showing learners how to create their own Moodle instance, and how to install the h%p Plugin.  The course is then split into 5 main sections – H5P Content, H5P Games, H5P Multimedia, H5P Quizzes and Advanced H5P.

I will also show learners how to use each of the different content types within H5P, as well as providing real life examples of each content type at the end of each course section.

H5P allows new interactive content types to be created within Moodle, including Games, MCQs, Accordions, Interactive Videos, Online Presentations, and much much more!

Why not sign up today?

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