New – Moodle Plugins course now LIVE !


I am delighted to announce that I have now completed my second course on Udemy, titled Moodle Plugins. I am extremely proud of this course – its taken over 5 months from start to finish, and covers over 35 of the most popular Moodle plugins.

The Moodle Plugins course is designed to enhance the student learning experience, and enhance the functionality of Moodle by the addition of free Moodle Plugins.
By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Download and Install Moodle at Home
  • Locate free Moodle Plugins
  • Download free Moodle Pugins
  • Install Moodle Plugins on a Moodle server
  • Enhance courses with the added functionality provided by plugins
  • 35+ Plugins all with downloadable paper guides

Some of my favourite plugins are covered including:

  • H5P – Add html5 interactivity to your Moodle course
  • Attendance – Take attendance in Moodle
  • Questionnaire – Create questionnaires for your staff and students
  • Checklist – Create amazing checklists
  • Heatmap – Which activities and resources are used most/least
  • Quizventure – Add a Space Invaders game to a Moodle course
  • Game – Snakes and Ladders, Sudoku, Hangman…
  • Course Formats – Collapsed Topics, Tab, Grid, Buttons, Board!

I would like to extend a very special, one off, offer to purchase the course for the amazing price of just £10!

I hope you take the time to check out my second Udemy course!
Kind Regards
Ben Audsley

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