Not alot going on !


Sorry for the lack of posts !

I am currently working extremely hard at work, designing and building a new Distance Learning course – Dental Public Health, Policy and Leaderhip for Queen Mary University (my day job!).

This course is mainly made in articualte storyline 360, but ive also used H5P interactive videos, various H5P quizzes, Moodle books, labels, pages, Activity completion and Release critiera.

the course must be finished (well the first 4 modules) by September 23rd – so all other work is on hold until this is complete.

In Udemy news, I have begun the arduous task of updating the closed captions used when students turn on subtitles in my video lessons. This is a huge task, but also gives me the oportunity to review my courses – somehting ive not done enough of.

This is in response to an increase in learners from countries where english is not their first language, as well as trying to comply with the new accessibility regulations within the UK.

Ive begun with H5P and Moodle – its my best selling course at present, but it does take a long time – so bear with me.

I also “owe” the H5P course two or three lessons – i want to look at the new branching scenarios, and the new book format, plus probably the new 3d stuff too – i will try and complete these soon.

Advanced Moodle is the next full course that will be created. IVe sketched the basic outline, but its difficult to know what to include and what really is too technical and probably never used by most Moodle users (and most admins to be honest). Further work on this course will probably be delayed until at least october 2019, with the aim of getting this course compete by Christmas.

more from me soon – i hope you are enjoying the summer!


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