Updates to Building… course !!!!

Hello learners, freinds and readers!

It has now been nearly 10 months since my first course, Building an Engaging, Interactive course using Moodle 3+ was launched on Udemy.com.

Recently, I have been getting a few reviews which have caused me to take another look at the content of the course, and especially the production of the lessons.

I realised, that in the 10 months since the course was launched, that my skill levels in both audio and video editing have improved greatly, so ive deciede to completely re-edit all the lessons contained in the Building…. course.

This is a mutli step process:

  1. Use Audacity to edit each original WAV file to remove, umms, errs, clicks, background noise and my breathing!
  2. Re-editing the final lesson video to include the new audio
  3. re-syncing audio and video in final lesson
  4. Test, Test, Test!
  5. Upload new video lesson to Udemy.com

I hope that this improvement in both audio and video quality will enhance the course and your learning experience!

I will of course update everyone, once this process is compelte – there are alot more lessons than I remember making!!!!!!!!

I am also in the process of writing my 4th Udemy course – called Interactive Lessons and Lectures ( a part of the Teaching with Technology range of courses [I have ideas for at least 5 more of this series of courses!])

I shall be on the lookout for the release of Moodle 3.4 in November, and will then start the massive process of updating all my moodle videos to version 3.4!




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