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I have to begin this blog post with an apology –  I have been extremely busy at work (my real job at Queen Mary University of London, Institute of Dentistry – im the E-Resources Manager!) and so haven’t had much chance to post on my blog.

After the release of my two Moodle courses on Udemy (click link for discount!)

Building an Engaging, Interactive course using Moodle 3+

Moodle Plugins

I have decided to branch out, into another area that I have a lot of experience in, Learning Technology, and specifically how to use Technology to improve teaching and learning.

As such, I have begun work on my next two Udemy courses – they will be called…

Teaching with Technology 1 – Improving your Presentations

Teaching with Technology 2 – Improving your Lectures

The first course is half written (I write all my courses from scratch, with scripted lessons), and should be ready for launch some time in August.  The second course curriculum is mapped, and this course should be ready for launch in September!


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